Top Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory LossThe first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease vary from person to person. For those with late-onset Alzheimer’s, the disease first begins to show signs in their mid-60s. For those with early-onset Alzheimer’s, symptoms typically appear any time between their mid-30s to mid-60s. What are some of the signs and symptoms we can begin looking for with Alzheimer’s?

Tops Warning Signs:

  • Memory loss or confusion – Forgetting recently learned information, important dates, numbers, asking the same information over and over again. The inability to remember things and having to rely on friends and family to remember those items is a good indicator of the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s.


  • Poor judgment leading to bad decisions – This isn’t just making a mistake once in a while. This is more along the lines of making a bad decision that affects themselves in a major way such as giving a telemarketer large amounts of money, or drastically changing something in their life that reflects poorly on them.


  • Impulsive behavior such as undressing at inappropriate times or places or using vulgar language. – If you start hearing your loved one start swearing after a lifetime of not cussing, or see them with a drastic behavior change may also be a sign on the disease.


  • Changes in mood or personality – We all experience changes in our mood from time to time, but they are more rational and we can calm ourselves down. However, those developing Alzheimer’s become even more confused, suspicious, depressed, fearful or anxious when they are out of their comfortable zone.


  • Difficulty with language and problems with reading, writing, and working with numbers. Another common sign is the inability to find the correct word in the middle of the sentence, or write a common sentence, and easily being confused with numbers. Having more difficulty coming up with words than normal.


  • Confusion with time and place  Losing track of entire seasons or chunks of time is a very common sign of Alzheimer’s. Not knowing where they are, when they have frequented this location or place or possibly live in this specific place.


  • Having trouble completing tasks – This looks more like daily tasks or common tasks such as brushing their teeth, driving to a familiar location, or forgetting how to make breakfast.


  • Misplacing things – A person with Alzheimer’s may put an everyday object in an unusual place and not be able to retrace their steps to remember where they put that item.


If you think your loved one is experiencing signs of Alzheimer’s disease, please contact their physician. There are benefits to early detection of the disease.