Identifying Alzheimer’s Before it Occurs

Senior Living

Identifying Alzheimer’s Disease Before it Occurs

Senior LivingAlzheimer’s an ugly disease that can take anyone. Your loved one is still right in front of you and even looks exactly the same, but can’t remember your wedding day. What are scientists and researchers doing about Alzheimer’s disease? An international team of scientists are seeking a better way to define Alzheimer’s and identify its presence in those who are in the earliest stages of the disease before symptoms occur.

Alzheimer’s disease occurs when brain cell connections and the cells themselves degenerate and die, eventually destroying memory and other important mental functions. The typical symptoms are memory loss and confusion. No cure yet exists, but medications and management strategies may temporarily improve symptoms.

The proposed new way of looking at the disease allows biomarkers instead of symptoms to identify the presence of Alzheimer’s, which could allow researchers to more accurately understand the pathology of the disease. To test this theory, scientists want to include biological changes, like beta-amyloid plaques and tau tangles, that can occur when Alzheimer’s begins. The scientists want to understand what is happening in the brains of people who still have normal brain function but are likely to develop the disease.

There is a beginning stage of Alzheimer’s where there are no symptoms. By conducting research with the new biomarkers at this very early stage, scientists will get a better understanding if the person in the study truly has Alzheimer’s.

The study is a tool for researchers as of right now, and not intended for physicians who diagnose the disease.

Siblings Taking Care of Mom

Taking Care of Mom

Taking Care of MomWhat happens when mom gets to the point where she needs constant care? Does she go into assisted living, do the siblings take turns taking care of her, or do we hire in home care? That’s a question most everyone has to meet at one point in their lives. For some people, it’s an easy answer and for others it’s a debate between siblings.

When siblings make the choice to care for their parent(s), or grandparents, it’s much more than fixing breakfast and taking their loved one to a doctor’s appointment here and there. It’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week for some. For others, it’s 10 to 12 hours a day. And yet for others, it’s checking in throughout the day to make sure mom has taken her medication and put her eye drops in.

Regardless of the time spent taking care of your loved one, there has to be a schedule and a certain amount of rules surrounding mom’s care. For instance, who is taking care of financials? Who is responsible for getting weekly groceries? Who is taking the time to take your loved one to their doctor’s appointments? Who is making sure your loved one is getting their hair permed or cut? Who is cleaning the bathroom and the rest of the house? Take a moment to discuss these details before jumping into at home care.

For some siblings, taking care of their parent(s) is a privilege. Their parents have taken care of them their whole lives and it’s time for them to reciprocate. For others, it’s more of a burden. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to be clear of who is responsible for the daily tasks your loved one needs. If it’s too much for one person or too much for four siblings, then turning to Assisted Living or Memory Care is the right choice. They have care and assistance when taking care of your loved one is more than siblings can handle on their own.

It may not be an easy choice, but perhaps it is the best choice for your family. Cherished Transitions has trusted RN’s that have years of experience in guiding families through the process of finding assisted living communities. We want the best care for your loved one and are determined to help families find the right fit for their family member.

How to Take Car Keys from an Elderly Loved One

Assisted Living

Assisted LivingIt’s a touchy subject no one likes to bring up, but it is something the needs to happen. When is it time to take the car keys away from your parents or grandparents?

For my Grandma, her vehicle was more than just a car. It was her independence. It was her freedom. She babysat children for years and years to save up to purchase her Oldsmobile. When we had the conversation with her about her eyesight failing and her cataracts getting worse, it wasn’t easy. A part of her knew this was coming, but she wasn’t going to give up her keys without a fight.

When is it appropriate for your loved one to give up their car keys? For some, it may be in their 70’s. For others, it may be in their 90’s. It really all depends on their well-being. Poor eyesight could be the driving factor, or it may be a bad hip, or a foot falling asleep. Whatever the reason may be, it’s time to have a talk.

Just because they don’t have their car keys, doesn’t mean they still don’t have just as much freedom. There are options within every city that will get mom and dad or grandpa and grandma around town, to the doctor, or to an evening out to dinner.

Within the Kansas City metro, transportation is relatively easy. There are Para-Transit options, Share-A-Fare options, KC Streetcar, and of course Uber. Just within Johnson County, citizens have access to The Jo bus public transportation services to much of Johnson County, downtown Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas.

Remember, your loved one has been driving and thrived on this independence since before you were born, so make sure you take a softer approach to this subject. Give them all of their options and gently remind them of the dangers that can happen if they continue to drive.

If none of these ideas are getting through to them, perhaps it’s time for someone else to step in such as their physician, Optometrist/Ophthalmologist, the DMV, or even a different family member.

If you know it’s time, then breach the subject with love and understanding. Their safety and the safety of others is at stake.

Cost Savings of Living at Home vs. Senior Living

Senior Living

Senior LivingThere is no simple answer when it comes to whether or not it’s less expensive to live at home or join a senior living community. However, there are a few steps to help you decide if one or the other is better for you at this stage in your life. Factors such as physical and cognitive health comes into play, the number of hours per week you need assistance, and whether or not you are mentally and emotionally ready to move out of your house and into a senior living community.

Let’s start with how much care you really need and if it makes sense to live at home or move to a senior living community. The type of care you need is going to play a role into the overall costs. Memory care, for example, costs significantly more than senior living communities. In some states and elder care markets, assisted living care still costs less than around-the-clock in-home care. Memory Care communities are specifically designed, maintained and staffed for individuals who have Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. These communities are equipped with unique designs including door and window alarms to prevent wandering and elopement risks. Typically, the community staff have taken special courses, seminars or attained certifications to understand how to care for individuals with dementia and/or are exhibiting behaviors such as aggression or significant confusion. All of these factors are going to factor into the cost of these communities.

Depending on how much care you need per week also factors into the cost of aging in place or living in a community. If the hours are adding up for required paid home care, then assisted living would be a more economical choice.

Where you live also plays into the cost of living. Whether you own your own home or rent is also a factor. The cost of home maintenance can have an affect on your decision as well. While staying put in your home offers a level of comfort and stability, maintaining a home year after year can become taxing and quite costly. Many times the cost of transportation, food services, etc. are already built into senior living tabs.

Simply put, some seniors are not ready to give up the home they’ve lived in for years. That’s ok. It’s a major step and not one to take lightly. Each person is different and requires a set of services that if manageable, can be taken care of in the comfort of their very own home. Or some may be ready to venture into a senior community home with everything at their fingertips, giving them a peace of mind they wouldn’t be able to offer themselves in their existing home.

Cherished Transitions is here when you need our services. Our trusted Registered Nurses will help guide you through the process to find a perfect home for you depending on your overall needs.

Bathroom Safety for Aging Loved Ones


The typical person spends a minimal portion of their day in the bathroom getting ready for their day, using the facilities, brushing their teeth etc., but most people don’t think of the dangers lurking in a bathroom when it comes to the elderly.

In 2015 alone, more than one in four older adults reported falling and more than 28,000 older adults died as a result of falls – that’s 74 older adults every day. 

A lack of things to grab onto (such as grab bars), slippery wet floors, and getting up from the toilet are just a few of the risk factors most people don’t think about being dangerous, but can really be detrimental to the elderly. Statistically speaking up to 80% of falls in the home happen in the bathroom.

The good news is there are precautions and steps to take to help keep aging loved ones safe in the bathroom.

Install a Grab Bar:

An easy and inexpensive fix to keep a bathroom safer is to install a permanent grab bar in the shower or bathtub. Seniors getting in and out of the shower can be dangerous since they would have to stand on one leg while raising their other leg up and over the tub all on a slippery surface. Having a grab bar to hang on to and balance on is much safer and can prevent a fall. Most home improvement stores offer a number of grab bars in various sizes and finishes. Grab bars range anywhere between 5” –  50” and from $12 – $50. A grab bar is a relatively easy and cheap fix to guarantee higher safety while getting in and out of the shower.

Implement a Shower Chair:

The possibility of falling while in the shower can be daunting for seniors. A once simple task now has the ability to cause anxiety due to the chance of falling in the shower or bath. By providing safety (a secure area), shower chairs and bath chairs are especially useful for those that are in wheelchairs, the elderly, or anyone who finds excessive movement painful or difficult. Bath and shower chairs range anywhere from $30 to $300 depending on the quality and complexity of the chair.

Eliminate Slippery Surfaces:

We’ve already covered the fact that elderly have a hard time getting in and out of the shower or bath. Having a non-slip mat (or decals) on the floor of the shower or bath as well as a non – slip rug on the floor when stepping out of the shower or bath helps reduce slipping and falling on hard bathroom tiles.

Non – slip Adhesive strips are also a great addition to the bathroom, specifically placed on the top of sink edges to guard against hand slippage if these surfaces are used for balance support. For less than $20, installing non-slip mats or non-slip adhesive strips are a sensible precaution to provide stable footing and balance.

Take a look at your aging loved ones bathroom and implement these easy and inexpensive safeguards to make sure they feel safe and secure while doing everyday tasks.

How do I know which senior living placement service is the right one?

Caring Hands

Having trouble plcing your loved ones? Let us help - Assisted Living Services in Kansas City

Having trouble placing your loved ones? Let us help – Assisted Living Services in Kansas City If the time has come to consider placing your loved one into a senior living community, there are many questions that need to be answered. At this delicate time in your loved one’s life, this may be one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. A quick search of the Internet will show you numerous options in the Kansas City area that advertise “senior placement services.” What should I look for when choosing a senior placement service to help in finding a senior living community in Kansas City? How are they different?

There are three main types of senior placement services. (It is important to note that nearly all senior living placement services are offered at no charge to you. They are compensated by the senior living communities’ referral programs).

1. The Internet Based Senior Placement Service

The first type of senior placement service you immediately find when you do an internet search are the “internet based” referral companies. This type of senior placement service focuses on pointing you in the direction of preselected senior living communities after completing a generic online form. The internet based service will provide you with a list of senior living communities in the Kansas City area and usually provides your contact information to the communities as well. While this service gives the impression that it is a quick and efficient system, it still leaves you doing the majority of the work and research. Additionally, your family will field multiple marketing calls and/or emails daily from the communities that received your contact information from the referral company. These internet based companies spend big dollars on advertising to draw you in, but are you ever more than just a quota to them?

2. The Franchised Senior Placement Service

The second type of senior placement service is the nationally based franchise. The franchise owner is usually local to the Kansas City area. The main difference is that this second type of placement service utilizes a sales territory, meaning that the communities provided to you must be within their territory or you will be passed off to another sales representative. These franchised offices also benefit from the large corporate dollars spent on advertising efforts. Typically, the sales team may have taken some classes on seniors and elder care but have no formal medical training or clinical healthcare experience. Is a salesperson taking a class enough assurance that your family is choosing the best facility?

Your Cherished Care Placement Specialist is standing by to assist you with your FREE Senior Living Community Placement evaluation.
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Your loved one deserves the best - Assisted Living Services in Kansas City

3. Local and Medically Trained Senior Placement Service

This third type of senior placement service found in the Kansas City area is much harder to come by. However, they are better equipped to handle the needs of your loved one when considering placement into a senior living community. These Registered Nurses (RNs) have been in the healthcare industry and are able to complete a thorough clinical assessment to identify the appropriate level of care needed by your loved one. These medically trained senior placement specialists will take the time to sit down with you and explain the senior placement service options, answer questions or concerns based upon the needs of the your loved one rather than the needs of the senior living community. It is after the assessment is performed that the Registered Nurses will identify and match the communities that meet the individualized clinical needs and personal wishes. The common goal is to find the best matched community to provide the greatest quality of life and to eliminate the communities that would not be a good fit.

Cherished Transitions is your local, Kansas City, medically trained senior placement service

Greetings, My name is Troy Bandy, Owner of Cherished Transitions. If you take a few moments to read over the reasons why I decided to work within the senior placement industry; you will find my heart was motivated by the challenges I faced during the placement of my loved one into a senior living community. Then my eyes were opened to the fact that the senior living placement process could be very overwhelming and often confusing for those trying to navigate this process alone. Sometimes it takes an unbiased, clinical perspective to truly understand and recognize the actual level of care needed for your loved one. I was also disappointed to see that most senior living placement services were basically sales people disseminating generalized information.

After this experience, I set out to change the process. I founded Cherished Transitions, a local senior placement service in Kansas City made up of Registered Nurses (RNs) like me, that have a passion for providing the residents of Kansas City with quality, personalized senior placement services that are based upon the needs of the individual.  Our service is provided at no charge to you and yes, we are compensated by the senior living communities. However, this is not (and will never be) the motivating factor of Cherished Transitions. We treat every client as if we were placing our own loved one into a senior living community. As RNs, we take it that seriously!

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3 ways to break the stigma of “nursing homes” amongst our elderly loved ones

Nursing Homes

elderly woman with family - Assisted Living Services in Kansas City

Today the all-inclusive title of “nursing home” no longer applies. Currently, senior living can consist of independent living communities, assisted living communities and memory care homes. These types of communities are very different and not synonymous with the traditionally thought of “nursing homes” that are still available.

One of the challenges faced when discussing assisted living in the Kansas City area is the negative stigma that immediately comes to mind about “nursing homes.” Now, we’re not saying that these negative perceptions of nursing homes are not valid, as a matter of fact, critical concerns needed to be addressed. However, when looking closely at many of the accounts of nursing home conditions you find that the information is based off reports from decades ago.

Retirement communities, including assisted living as an industry have made great advancements in resident care in the many recent years. Some advancements have been seen through government involvement, but most have been from honest business owners that have sought to create a better quality of life for the senior residents of Kansas City.

The trouble comes when this negative stigma amongst our elderly loved ones is causing friction in the discussions about choosing a senior living community. Cherished Transitions, serving the Kansas City area with quality senior care placement services, would like to provide you with three ways to help break the “nursing home” stigma amongst our elderly loved ones.

1. Do Your Homework

When speaking to an elderly loved one about assisted living care, they are quick to provide generalized examples of things that they have heard about or have seen in the news media about the quality of assisted living care in the Kansas City area. If you’ve not researched these news articles, you’ll find yourself on the losing end of a short conversation. Take the time to do your homework on the senior living communities in the Kansas City area. If there are negative reports about a particular facility, follow these steps to educate yourself about the situation:

  • Determine how long ago that event took place.
  • Is the same management company still in charge of the facility?
  • Have there been notable accomplishments or changes that came as a result of the situation?
  • Does the report have a factual basis or was it a nonspecific editorial that simply stereotyped senior communities without any specifics or statistics?

Often, news reports can sensationalize the events making generalized statements that form negative opinions about an industry without any direct correlation to individual facilities. Remember, most senior living communities are not controlled or funded by government, but rather by independently owned companies. A good business will always take each instance and learn from the mistakes that were made and make positive changes to keep it from happening again.

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2. Get to Know the Staff

Elderly people walking on a trail - Assisted Living Services in Kansas City

If you’re considering a specific senior living community because of its geographical location in the Kansas City area, take time to get to know the staff. When working with a loved one who is resisting the idea of going to a senior living community, presenting them with some accomplishments from the staff may help them feel more at ease about the decision. Working for an assisted living community at the professional level is a noteworthy and valid achievement. Many of the staff members working in the senior living industry have achieved certifications as well as accolades from their peers in the industry.

By identifying and recognizing these accomplishments and presenting this information to your elderly loved one, it may help to convince them that the negative stigma that’s been developed over the years does not apply like it used to. Note that this type of individual research can take time, time you may not have; but is needed information in order to make sure that your elderly loved one gets the best care possible. Cherished Transitions is a senior living placement service that is locally owned and operated in the Kansas City area. The staff is made up of all Registered Nurses (RNs) that have done the research to determine the level of care for each senior living community in the Kansas City area.

3. Activities and Events

Probably the largest stigma that assisted living communities in the Kansas City area face is the perception of residents lying in a bed all day doing nothing. With today’s senior living communities, nothing can be farther from the truth. Most senior living communities in the Kansas City area have full-time activity coordinators that are specifically trained to create activities and events to keep seniors socially engaged and active.

These professionals not only understand medical limitations, but create activities that work in a variety of different environments as to make sure that everyone can get involved on some level. By educating your senior loved one, on the wide variety of activities and events that the senior living communities have available, you may be able to peak their interest and lessen their negative perception and resistance to the notion of assisted living.

Trust Cherished Transitions to help you on your journey

The challenges of dealing with the negative stigma of senior living in the Kansas City area are more difficult than finding a quality senior living community that works with the individual needs of your elderly loved one. The Registered Nurses (RNs) at Cherished Transitions can help, at no charge to you, guide the process of finding the retirement home or senior living community that is the best fit for your elderly loved ones.

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Dangers of Medication Mismanagement at Home with Elderly


Downloaded from on 2/27/17 - Assisted Living Services in Kansas City

This topic is one of the underlying social concerns that does not get the attention that it should. Every day in America our elderly Kansas City citizens are being prescribed medications to provide a greater quality of life, in some cases, quite a few of them. With many studies identifying that most seniors over the age of 68 have an average of 8 to 12 daily medications to take, the chances of accidental overdose are greater now than ever before.

Cherished Transitions serving the Kansas City area knows the dangers that medication mismanagement at home can pose with our elderly loved ones. In this article we will address some of these concerns and ways to prevent this from happening to your elderly loved one.

The Dirty Little Secret

Beyond the experience of the medically trained registered nurses (RNs) at Cherished Transitions there are many medical journals, articles and research papers identifying the dangers of medication mismanagement among our senior population; but there are only a few statistics that can specifically identify the extent of the problem. This is because very few autopsies are performed on the elderly; at many state levels, it’s considered an unnecessary expense to identify the cause of death for someone that “probably” died of natural causes.

However, in researching several articles by medical examiners across the country, it is noteworthy to mention that these experts attribute a very high percentage of deaths due to medication mismanagement or accidental overdose in the elderly population. It has also become a negative stigma to perform full drug analysis on the elderly at the request of the immediate family because no one wants to think that “grandma or grandpa died of a drug overdose.”

This is why this problem must be identified and addressed, to establish awareness of this concern and institute methods of prevention to keep our elderly loved ones from becoming an unknown statistic.

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woman helping elderly man - Assisted Living Services in Kansas City

Methods to Prevent Medication Mismanagement at Home with the Elderly

here are several methods of prevention for medication mismanagement in our elderly Kansas City population. These methods range from awareness and education to product dispensing units and finally managed care as options:

Awareness and Education – By identifying that there is a problem with medication management amongst our elderly, we can begin to look for ways to educate our Kansas City community and family members. There are only so many colors that pills can come in and with most seniors taking 8 to 12 pills per day (some studies have measured up to 25 per day) it’s easy to get confused as to which pill to take. In addition, some medications can react dangerously when combined incorrectly, which is why the timing of medication management can be very important. With such a high volume and variety of medications, it can be difficult for the doctor to properly educate the patient on medication management and control.

Medication Dispensing Products – Available from many retailers or medical equipment suppliers, medication dispensing products and devices can help prevent medication mismanagement in our Kansas City community for our elderly population.   The simplest method would be a seven-day segmented box that you could put a few pills in so it would be easy for your elderly loved one to open and take the correct medication. There is also a more complicated system that allows for multiple medications per hour, day and week. This system has a programmable alarm that would identify when it is time to take the next medication. Some of these also have a lock to keep the medications from accidentally falling into the wrong hands. More advance units can be hooked up through the phone system to notify a medical alert company or care provider if the system is not working properly.

Managed Care – Sometimes the best method to prevent medication mismanagement in our elderly Kansas City community is through managed care. Managed care at this level can be done by a loved one, neighbor or a home health nurse. It is important that the individual responsible for the medication management speaks directly with the physicians that prescribe the medications and the pharmacists that fill them to make sure that they fully understand the medication regimen.

The next level that is available for managed care would be in a assisted living community where medications can be properly dispensed by medical professionals (RNs) in controlled circumstances.

woman giving medication to an elderly man - Assisted Living Services in Kansas City

Medication Mismanagement – Intentional

Of the medication mismanagement circumstances that are reported, having a senior or elderly loved one overdose on purpose is a tragic breakdown that occurs all too often. Cherished Transitions, serving our community in Kansas City, is aware of these types of overdose situations that can occur because of loneliness, depression, the lack of will to live and pain.

Many of these situations have been discussed previously through articles on our Cherished Transitions website.  Regardless of the reason why the end result is the same: a loved one has passed away and it potentially could have been prevented by addressing those needs.

Cherished Transitions is Here to Help

Cherished Transitions is a service provided to the Kansas City community at no charge. Our medically trained registered nurses (RNs) have the passion to assist our elderly community to have a better quality of life. This stems from education and understanding of the different problems facing our elderly community. There will be times when your elderly loved one will be challenged with the mindset of whether managed care in a senior facility is the best option; when that time comes be sure to contact the medical professionals (RNs) at Cherished Transitions for sound advice and information on assisted living communities in the Kansas City area.

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Positive Effects of Socialization by Living in a Senior Community


walker - Assisted Living Services in Kansas City

It is a proven scientific and medical fact that loneliness and isolation can lead to a chemical imbalance and depression. Depression can effect someone both emotionally and physically presenting additional biological and physical challenges that can become debilitating. At Cherished Transitions, serving the Kansas City area; we have seen the effects that isolation and depression can have on seniors. As a team of medically trained professionals (RNs) we want to help with providing a better quality of life for seniors in the Kansas City area. This article will focus on some of the positive effects of socialization.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

“In our busy day-to-day life, we often only focus on those things that are immediately in front of us; meaning that some of society’s darkest concerns never get properly addressed”.

Isolation in Kansas City is something that we often don’t think about, but the problem is there and it is very real. As our loved ones age and our own lives get busy, it is easy to forget that our loved ones are now living at home by themselves. Their kids are all grown up, their spouse and friends perhaps have passed… It’s easy for them to become depressed, especially if your mobility needs have increased as well as the diminishing mental faculties that come with age.

What Can I Do?

Recognize that the issue of isolation is a real factor and determine whether or not your loved one is showing the signs of depression. Help your elderly loved one get involved with a local group in Kansas City (trying to keep them within their age group) like a bridge club, health club or senior activity center.

If the decline in physical and mental capacities has created a need for your loved one to consider a senior living community, Cherished Transitions can help. Our team of medical professionals(RN’s) located here in Kansas City, can help assess the level of assistance that your loved one will need and place them with a caring facility that will help nurture their individual needs. This is a service that is provided at no charge.

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Family with elderly woman - Assisted Living Services in Kansas City

Benefits of Being Socially Active in a Senior Living Community

The benefits for being socially active in a local Kansas City senior living community are both physical and mental as they help reinforce one of the basic needs that everyone has… to be needed. Over just a short period of time you will see a discernible improvement in the physical and mental acuity of your loved one.

Some of the noticeable benefits identified with being socially active are:

  1. A greater sense of belonging – In many cases your loved one simply needs to feel loved and wanted again; by getting your loved one socially active in a local senior living community in Kansas City they will find the companionship to fulfill this need.
  2. Improved physical health – How you feel emotionally is directly related to how you feel physically. When someone is socially active and feels needed/ wanted/ accepted; they are more apt to be mobile and alert. Clinical testing clearly identifies a direct relationship between emotional stability and physical health.
  3. Enhanced mental acuity – Studies consistently confirm that those that have active social interaction are able to maintain mental agility over a longer period of time. Motor skills and focus, as well as better attitude are notably documented for those seniors that are socially active in a senior living community. In addition, social skills continue to challenge us as we grow older;cases note a direct correlation between social skills and problem-solving/ conflict resolution.
  4. An attitude of accountability – Part of having a direct emotional connection in your surroundings is having an attitude of accountability when it comes to relationships. When someone is relying on you it helps the mind remain alert and aware of its surroundings and timeframe. As seniors age the lack of accountability creates a lackadaisical mindset towards schedules and deadlines. By being socially active it allows for this attitude of accountability to be restored, rebuilding a sense of trust and reliability in the individual.
  5. Having a purpose – Your senior loved one in Kansas City shares the same passions, the same desires andthe same goals as everyone else. At the end of the day we all want to have a purpose in life, someone to share it with, someone to cry with and someone to rejoice with. Left unattended our loved one can begin to turn inward creating a wall or barrier, trying to shut out the world that they sometimes feel they cannot relate to. By providing our loved ones with a relationship-based care system through a senior living community in Kansas City we can help preserve and extend the quality of life for our loved ones.

The Quality of Life your Loved One Deserves

Cherished Transitions has a passion for providing seniors the high quality of life that they deserve. When considering the benefits of a senior living community, it is important to work with medically trained professionals that understand the system, as well as, the facilities to make sure that your loved one is placed in a community that will work with their particular needs. Contact Cherished Transitions today and speak with one of our caring professionals that will provide a placement recommendation at no charge to you.Cherished Transitions is local to the Kansas City area and is not part of any large franchise that utilizes salesman rather than medically trained professionals. The RNs that make up the consultation team are ready to work with you and your loved one to find the perfect solution to help your loved one find the quality of life they deserve.

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How to tell when someone, trying to hold onto their independence, is actually leading to their own Isolation and Loneliness

Independent old man - Assisted Living Services in Kansas City

As our loved ones get older in Kansas City, things begin to change; strength, tolerance and patience begin to show clear signs of this change. However, seniors are often very scared of losing the independence that has defined them over the course of their lives.

It is their independence that has allowed them to achieve the things they are most proud of, and in many cases, the very last thing that they can call their own.

Left unchecked, this independence coupled with physical and mental challenges, can find a senior withdrawn and lonely as they seek to tackle the challenges in life while holding on to their independent spirit.

In this article we will address some of the warning signs to look for when your loved one is trying desperately to hold onto their independence in Kansas City.

Simply in Denial

The most common occurrence when someone is facing the loss of their mobility is denial. It is absolutely natural for someone to avoid dealing with a sensitive topic; such as losing control of one’s body or mind. Denial can be in many forms: verbal, withdrawal or physical (putting on the act that everything is okay)

Those that are in denial usually know that there is a problem; but to accept this truth means to also accept the consequence. It is this acceptance that they are in denial of.

Dealing with someone who is in denial often takes patience; but more than that… options. Allow them to see that the consequences are not as severe as they have been led to believe. Fantastic options are available in Kansas City that would actually give them more mobility and freedom than they currently are experiencing. They will have caring professionals around them that will help them.

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Worried old man - Assisted Living Services in Kansas City


It takes a lot for someone to admit that they do not have the independence and strength that they once had. In many cases it develops a level of embarrassment because this strength is what has been a defining factor for them their entire life.

Consider someone in Kansas City who has worked with their hands as a craftsman, is now getting to the point that their hands constantly shake.

Perhaps someone who has spent their life as an educator, now is not able to remember the simplest things.

Think about a loved one who was a leader (military or corporate) of many, always standing strong and proud; now finding they need assistance to go to the restroom.

All of these examples and more can easily be summed up in the area of embarrassment. To admit that they no longer have the ability to work with their hands, share their experience or pride may cause them to become withdrawn and lonely.

Look for this individual to draw themselves away from conversations that may lead to a discussion about their physical condition or mental disposition. They may even ask you not to visit, not because they don’t want to see you, but they wish to avoid the uncomfortable conversation of a nursing home or assisted living facility.

A reassuring tone is necessary here; try to get them involved in something in Kansas City that allows them to be around others battling with the same challenges. Make sure, in your eyes, you see them exactly as they see themselves; as they used to be…

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Cherished Transitions is a caring group of medical professionals that understand the challenges faced by seniors in the Kansas City area. We work hard to help you and your loved one through these difficult times by helping find the resources necessary for a better quality of life. Through a variety of services available we can help guide you through the complicated process of locating an assisted living facility that will exceed your expectations and provide your loved one with the level of care that they need. Our services are available at no cost to you with our promise of providing you the highest quality service and compassion available in our industry.

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