Positive Effects of Socialization by Living in a Senior Community

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It is a proven scientific and medical fact that loneliness and isolation can lead to a chemical imbalance and depression. Depression can effect someone both emotionally and physically presenting additional biological and physical challenges that can become debilitating. At Cherished Transitions, serving the Kansas City area; we have seen the effects that isolation and depression can have on seniors. As a team of medically trained professionals (RNs) we want to help with providing a better quality of life for seniors in the Kansas City area. This article will focus on some of the positive effects of socialization.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

“In our busy day-to-day life, we often only focus on those things that are immediately in front of us; meaning that some of society’s darkest concerns never get properly addressed”.

Isolation in Kansas City is something that we often don’t think about, but the problem is there and it is very real. As our loved ones age and our own lives get busy, it is easy to forget that our loved ones are now living at home by themselves. Their kids are all grown up, their spouse and friends perhaps have passed… It’s easy for them to become depressed, especially if your mobility needs have increased as well as the diminishing mental faculties that come with age.

What Can I Do?

Recognize that the issue of isolation is a real factor and determine whether or not your loved one is showing the signs of depression. Help your elderly loved one get involved with a local group in Kansas City (trying to keep them within their age group) like a bridge club, health club or senior activity center.

If the decline in physical and mental capacities has created a need for your loved one to consider a senior living community, Cherished Transitions can help. Our team of medical professionals(RN’s) located here in Kansas City, can help assess the level of assistance that your loved one will need and place them with a caring facility that will help nurture their individual needs. This is a service that is provided at no charge.

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Benefits of Being Socially Active in a Senior Living Community

The benefits for being socially active in a local Kansas City senior living community are both physical and mental as they help reinforce one of the basic needs that everyone has… to be needed. Over just a short period of time you will see a discernible improvement in the physical and mental acuity of your loved one.

Some of the noticeable benefits identified with being socially active are:

  1. A greater sense of belonging – In many cases your loved one simply needs to feel loved and wanted again; by getting your loved one socially active in a local senior living community in Kansas City they will find the companionship to fulfill this need.
  2. Improved physical health – How you feel emotionally is directly related to how you feel physically. When someone is socially active and feels needed/ wanted/ accepted; they are more apt to be mobile and alert. Clinical testing clearly identifies a direct relationship between emotional stability and physical health.
  3. Enhanced mental acuity – Studies consistently confirm that those that have active social interaction are able to maintain mental agility over a longer period of time. Motor skills and focus, as well as better attitude are notably documented for those seniors that are socially active in a senior living community. In addition, social skills continue to challenge us as we grow older;cases note a direct correlation between social skills and problem-solving/ conflict resolution.
  4. An attitude of accountability – Part of having a direct emotional connection in your surroundings is having an attitude of accountability when it comes to relationships. When someone is relying on you it helps the mind remain alert and aware of its surroundings and timeframe. As seniors age the lack of accountability creates a lackadaisical mindset towards schedules and deadlines. By being socially active it allows for this attitude of accountability to be restored, rebuilding a sense of trust and reliability in the individual.
  5. Having a purpose – Your senior loved one in Kansas City shares the same passions, the same desires andthe same goals as everyone else. At the end of the day we all want to have a purpose in life, someone to share it with, someone to cry with and someone to rejoice with. Left unattended our loved one can begin to turn inward creating a wall or barrier, trying to shut out the world that they sometimes feel they cannot relate to. By providing our loved ones with a relationship-based care system through a senior living community in Kansas City we can help preserve and extend the quality of life for our loved ones.

The Quality of Life your Loved One Deserves

Cherished Transitions has a passion for providing seniors the high quality of life that they deserve. When considering the benefits of a senior living community, it is important to work with medically trained professionals that understand the system, as well as, the facilities to make sure that your loved one is placed in a community that will work with their particular needs. Contact Cherished Transitions today and speak with one of our caring professionals that will provide a placement recommendation at no charge to you.Cherished Transitions is local to the Kansas City area and is not part of any large franchise that utilizes salesman rather than medically trained professionals. The RNs that make up the consultation team are ready to work with you and your loved one to find the perfect solution to help your loved one find the quality of life they deserve.

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