Our Story

Cherished Transitions was founded after our owner was faced with the personal, challenging experience of having to place his ailing grandmother in an appropriate senior living community. As a clinically trained Registered Nurse (RN) and experienced RN Case Manager, he was amazed at the roadblocks he found while navigating the complex senior living community system. He quickly realized how overwhelming and challenging it must be for other families to even know where to begin. This experience further ignited his passion of caring for people and the desire to help others from having to face this challenging and overwhelming decision of finding appropriate senior living for their loved ones alone.
So Cherished Transitions was born to fulfill the great need that seniors and their families have for guidance and advocacy when facing this difficult decision making process.

Key Elements That He Discovered

  • The corporate placement services seemed more interested in the numbers, not the personal touch he had hoped for.
  • The overall process seemed to be unnecessarily complicated creating additional frustration and stress.
  • He heard a lot of great “sales pitches“, but by utilizing his clinical knowledge and not being afraid to ask “the hard questions”, he discovered some concerning things.

These elements and others prompted him to utilize a simple 3-step placement process that cleared these roadblocks. He used his years of medical experience to develop an improved assessment based system. He also brought team members on board that share his passion.