How to tell when someone, trying to hold onto their independence, is actually leading to their own Isolation and Loneliness

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As our loved ones get older in Kansas City, things begin to change; strength, tolerance and patience begin to show clear signs of this change. However, seniors are often very scared of losing the independence that has defined them over the course of their lives.

It is their independence that has allowed them to achieve the things they are most proud of, and in many cases, the very last thing that they can call their own.

Left unchecked, this independence coupled with physical and mental challenges, can find a senior withdrawn and lonely as they seek to tackle the challenges in life while holding on to their independent spirit.

In this article we will address some of the warning signs to look for when your loved one is trying desperately to hold onto their independence in Kansas City.

Simply in Denial

The most common occurrence when someone is facing the loss of their mobility is denial. It is absolutely natural for someone to avoid dealing with a sensitive topic; such as losing control of one’s body or mind. Denial can be in many forms: verbal, withdrawal or physical (putting on the act that everything is okay)

Those that are in denial usually know that there is a problem; but to accept this truth means to also accept the consequence. It is this acceptance that they are in denial of.

Dealing with someone who is in denial often takes patience; but more than that… options. Allow them to see that the consequences are not as severe as they have been led to believe. Fantastic options are available in Kansas City that would actually give them more mobility and freedom than they currently are experiencing. They will have caring professionals around them that will help them.

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It takes a lot for someone to admit that they do not have the independence and strength that they once had. In many cases it develops a level of embarrassment because this strength is what has been a defining factor for them their entire life.

Consider someone in Kansas City who has worked with their hands as a craftsman, is now getting to the point that their hands constantly shake.

Perhaps someone who has spent their life as an educator, now is not able to remember the simplest things.

Think about a loved one who was a leader (military or corporate) of many, always standing strong and proud; now finding they need assistance to go to the restroom.

All of these examples and more can easily be summed up in the area of embarrassment. To admit that they no longer have the ability to work with their hands, share their experience or pride may cause them to become withdrawn and lonely.

Look for this individual to draw themselves away from conversations that may lead to a discussion about their physical condition or mental disposition. They may even ask you not to visit, not because they don’t want to see you, but they wish to avoid the uncomfortable conversation of a nursing home or assisted living facility.

A reassuring tone is necessary here; try to get them involved in something in Kansas City that allows them to be around others battling with the same challenges. Make sure, in your eyes, you see them exactly as they see themselves; as they used to be…

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