How to Settle Into Assisted Living

Settle into Assisted LivingThis is a brand new era in your life, which can be exciting and maybe even a little nerve-wrecking. Making the transition from your home to an assisted living community is a big change. We’ve put together a few tips on how to settle into assisted living and make it your new home.

Just because you’re moving into a new place doesn’t mean you won’t have your most cherished items. Feel free to take your favorites along with you, if you have the room for it! If different family pictures make you feel more comfortable, then take them and find the perfect spot for them. If your favorite chair is what creates a homey feel, then work with your assisted living facility to make sure they have a spot in your new room. Moving into assisted living doesn’t mean losing everything you’ve worked hard for over the years. It means creating a new home with new memories and old keepsakes.

Make sure to invite your family and friends to your new home so they can become comfortable as well. Let them know when they can visit and make them feel as welcome in your new home as they did in your old home. You most likely will make some new friends along the way and introduce them to friends you’ve had for decades.

Explore your new home! Most Assisted Living Communities have a number of different daily activities to keep everyone busy and having fun. Try one or two or three or all of them to see which one appeals to you. Trying different activities will allow you to meet different residents as well as different members of the staff. Introduce yourself and mingle to feel more comfortable with your new environment.

Enjoy your new space. It may take a few months to get everything is just the right place, but once you feel settled, enjoy it. Gone are the days of fixing a leaky sink, or repainting the front door. Sit back and appreciate the simplicity of your new home.