How to know when it’s time to consider a senior care community or nursing home?

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The decision to place a loved one into a nursing home or senior care community in Kansas City can be one of the most difficult decisions that you will ever make.

For years, you have relied on their wisdom, energy and guidance to help you through difficult times and now it’s time to put that knowledge to work to help make a sound decision about their quality of life. If the topic has come up more than once in conversation recently; perhaps it’s time to consider looking at a few things that might help.

Cherished Transitions serving the Kansas City area understands that a life-changing decision such as this should be made based upon solid information. So here are some helpful tips to recognize if your loved one is ready for a nursing home or senior care community.

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Mobility Needs

As our loved ones in Kansas City age, their mobility needs change. Depending on the severity of these mobility challenges there are different mobility aids that are available to help your loved one retain their independence. For a loved one that needs to use a cane, walker or wheelchair these aids are there to assist them in getting around. If the mobility aid allows them to have comfort and stability as well as unassisted independence, then the aides have done their job.

However, when a loved one gets to the point that the mobility aid does not provide them with the comfort and stability needed for independent living; it may be a good time to consider a nursing home or senior care community in Kansas City. A walker or wheelchair cannot be effective if the strength of the individual will not provide them with the stability necessary to properly use the mobility aid. While there are medical alert devices that are available in the event of a fall, these devices cannot prevent an incident from happening. In many cases a fall can render the medical alert device useless if your loved one is immobile and cannot push the button for help.

Cherished Transitions understands that caring for a loved one is physically and emotionally demanding. These demands can directly affect schedules of both work and home and a prime reason to consider the need for a nursing home or senior care community in Kansas City. Making this decision is dependent on a family member’s availability; which brings us to the next point…

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Is someone available to provide consistent in-home care for your loved one

As our loved ones in Kansas City get older the responsibility of a caregiver often falls on a family member. A son or daughter would find themselves needing to stay home from work to attend to the needs of their loved one. However, not everyone is in the financial position to be able to do this. Concerns come into play as to the level of dependency that your loved one has, as well as the need to have someone that is medically trained available to attend to their needs. Often times, early on, it’s just a matter of making sure that the right medication is taken and provisions are made for their mobility and security; but, as time goes on, the level of dependency on a family member can become both financially and physically daunting.

Cherished Transitions can help with recognizing that at some point your loved one’s needs might overwhelm the capability of the caregiver. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Does your loved one often become confused or have difficulty remembering where they are?
  • When confronted or informed about where they are or things that have been forgotten, is there a significant change in attitude or mood?
  • Do they become easily agitated, combative or physically abusive toward the caregiver?
  • Is the physical size or weight of your loved one more than the caregiver is able to maneuver if your loved one should fall?
  • Has your loved one become physically frail, to the point that, if they should fall it would require hospitalization for each incident?

For those family members that become caregivers in the Kansas City area, the challenges that you sometimes face can be very great. Financial burdens, issues with medications, emotional strain and your loved one’s increased mobility concerns are all reasons that play into the day-to-day factors of a family member struggling to be a caregiver in Kansas City.

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Giving in… is not giving up.

Recognizing when your loved one can no longer have physical and emotional independence is a key step when making choices for their continued care. It’s important to note that making a choice to utilize the professional services of a nursing home or senior living community is not giving up on your loved one; in fact, the opposite may be actually true. Unless you are a medically trained professional, sometimes it’s simply not reasonable to place yourself in a position of responsibility over the physical, emotional and medical needs of your loved one. Cherished Transitions knows that placing your loved one in a situation to where they can receive the stability and care needed for their particular needs can, in many cases, simply be the best choice to make.

Let Cherished Transitions Help Provide Peace of Mind

Cherished Transitions is a No-Cost service that utilizes the talents and skills of local Registered Nurses (RNs) that, like you, call Kansas City their home. They have dedicated their experience and knowledge in healthcare and the senior care industry to help with decisions about nursing homes or senior living communities. From the first phone call to your Cherished Transitions specialist, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice when choosing a caring, local service that can help provide you with valuable information when making a choice about the care of your loved one. If you should decide that a nursing home or senior care community is necessary, your Cherished Transitions specialist will be with you each step of the way with useful information; helping guide you to the right retirement community that will provide the greatest level of care for your loved one.

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