How do I know which senior living placement service is the right one?

Having trouble plcing your loved ones? Let us help - Assisted Living Services in Kansas City

Having trouble placing your loved ones? Let us help – Assisted Living Services in Kansas City If the time has come to consider placing your loved one into a senior living community, there are many questions that need to be answered. At this delicate time in your loved one’s life, this may be one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. A quick search of the Internet will show you numerous options in the Kansas City area that advertise “senior placement services.” What should I look for when choosing a senior placement service to help in finding a senior living community in Kansas City? How are they different?

There are three main types of senior placement services. (It is important to note that nearly all senior living placement services are offered at no charge to you. They are compensated by the senior living communities’ referral programs).

1. The Internet Based Senior Placement Service

The first type of senior placement service you immediately find when you do an internet search are the “internet based” referral companies. This type of senior placement service focuses on pointing you in the direction of preselected senior living communities after completing a generic online form. The internet based service will provide you with a list of senior living communities in the Kansas City area and usually provides your contact information to the communities as well. While this service gives the impression that it is a quick and efficient system, it still leaves you doing the majority of the work and research. Additionally, your family will field multiple marketing calls and/or emails daily from the communities that received your contact information from the referral company. These internet based companies spend big dollars on advertising to draw you in, but are you ever more than just a quota to them?

2. The Franchised Senior Placement Service

The second type of senior placement service is the nationally based franchise. The franchise owner is usually local to the Kansas City area. The main difference is that this second type of placement service utilizes a sales territory, meaning that the communities provided to you must be within their territory or you will be passed off to another sales representative. These franchised offices also benefit from the large corporate dollars spent on advertising efforts. Typically, the sales team may have taken some classes on seniors and elder care but have no formal medical training or clinical healthcare experience. Is a salesperson taking a class enough assurance that your family is choosing the best facility?

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3. Local and Medically Trained Senior Placement Service

This third type of senior placement service found in the Kansas City area is much harder to come by. However, they are better equipped to handle the needs of your loved one when considering placement into a senior living community. These Registered Nurses (RNs) have been in the healthcare industry and are able to complete a thorough clinical assessment to identify the appropriate level of care needed by your loved one. These medically trained senior placement specialists will take the time to sit down with you and explain the senior placement service options, answer questions or concerns based upon the needs of the your loved one rather than the needs of the senior living community. It is after the assessment is performed that the Registered Nurses will identify and match the communities that meet the individualized clinical needs and personal wishes. The common goal is to find the best matched community to provide the greatest quality of life and to eliminate the communities that would not be a good fit.

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Greetings, My name is Troy Bandy, Owner of Cherished Transitions. If you take a few moments to read over the reasons why I decided to work within the senior placement industry; you will find my heart was motivated by the challenges I faced during the placement of my loved one into a senior living community. Then my eyes were opened to the fact that the senior living placement process could be very overwhelming and often confusing for those trying to navigate this process alone. Sometimes it takes an unbiased, clinical perspective to truly understand and recognize the actual level of care needed for your loved one. I was also disappointed to see that most senior living placement services were basically sales people disseminating generalized information.

After this experience, I set out to change the process. I founded Cherished Transitions, a local senior placement service in Kansas City made up of Registered Nurses (RNs) like me, that have a passion for providing the residents of Kansas City with quality, personalized senior placement services that are based upon the needs of the individual.  Our service is provided at no charge to you and yes, we are compensated by the senior living communities. However, this is not (and will never be) the motivating factor of Cherished Transitions. We treat every client as if we were placing our own loved one into a senior living community. As RNs, we take it that seriously!

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