Is Cherished Transitions Service Really NO COST?
Yes, our service is offered at no-cost to seniors and their families. We collect a small fee from the community that YOU choose to make your loved one’s new home. You and your loved one’s best community match is our first priority at Cherished Transitions!
Should I Call Around and Get Information From Different Senior Living Communities?
You have enough to worry about during this difficult and stressful period, so it is not necessary for you to spend your valuable time calling around to different communities. We have worked with numerous communities, and our RN staff understands the entire process, and will provide you with the right information to make the best informed decisions in finding the right senior living community in Kansas City for your loved one.
Does Cherished Transitions Share My Information?
No. We only share basic information (not phone numbers) with the communities to inform them of a potential inquiry. Our Cherished Care Solutions Specialist will act as your personal liaison between the communities to ensure you are not inconvenienced. We do not think it is fair to the senior or their families to get bombarded with marketing calls.
Why Should I Use Cherished Transitions?
Unlike many of the other senior living placement and referral services out there, we are locally owned and staffed with only experienced and clinically trained Registered Nurses (RNs) who understand and speak “healthcare”. We provide sought after clinical insight and comprehensive healthcare knowledge to advocate for and help families fully understand all their options to be able to determine if a prospective community will be able to meet the specific needs of their loved one. We at Cherished Transitions understand that very few decisions in life are as important as having to find senior living for a loved one. We partner with families to help alleviate stress, save valuable time and simplify the process. You don’t have to do it alone; have peace of mind knowing that we do the work for you.
What If The Communities Provided By Cherished Transitions Do Not Seem To Be A Good Fit?
You are never under any obligation to choose any of the options provided by Cherished Transitions. At any time, you can ask your Cherished Care Solutions Specialist to assist you in refining your choices and receive new senior living community options.
How Long Does It Take To Receive My Individualized Cherished Transitions Community Report?
Typically you will receive your individualized Cherished Transitions Community Report within 24 hours after the initial one-on-one consultation.
What Happens If My Loved One’s Health Condition Changes and They Require More Care?
Your Cherished Care Solutions Specialist will be more than happy to work with you at any time to help you re-assess and make needed adjustments to develop new community options.
How Often Does Cherished Transitions Audit Licensing and Violations of Communities?
Cherished Transitions conducts annual reviews of the communities we work with. We scrutinize the state deficiency reports and plans of correction to monitor community licensing and good standing compliance and status. We are also constantly touring communities with our clients, which informally provides real-time and on-going assessments all throughout the year. If during a review process, or during a community tour we notice or become aware of any type of serious violations, Cherished Transitions will refuse to work with any community that does not meet our strict standards and values and is not in good-standing with proper regulatory agencies.
Can I Bring My Pet?
Yes, many senior living communities in Kansas City are pet-friendly. Your Cherished Care Solutions Specialist can identify those specific communities for you.