3 ways to break the stigma of “nursing homes” amongst our elderly loved ones

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Today the all-inclusive title of “nursing home” no longer applies. Currently, senior living can consist of independent living communities, assisted living communities and memory care homes. These types of communities are very different and not synonymous with the traditionally thought of “nursing homes” that are still available.

One of the challenges faced when discussing assisted living in the Kansas City area is the negative stigma that immediately comes to mind about “nursing homes.” Now, we’re not saying that these negative perceptions of nursing homes are not valid, as a matter of fact, critical concerns needed to be addressed. However, when looking closely at many of the accounts of nursing home conditions you find that the information is based off reports from decades ago.

Retirement communities, including assisted living as an industry have made great advancements in resident care in the many recent years. Some advancements have been seen through government involvement, but most have been from honest business owners that have sought to create a better quality of life for the senior residents of Kansas City.

The trouble comes when this negative stigma amongst our elderly loved ones is causing friction in the discussions about choosing a senior living community. Cherished Transitions, serving the Kansas City area with quality senior care placement services, would like to provide you with three ways to help break the “nursing home” stigma amongst our elderly loved ones.

1. Do Your Homework

When speaking to an elderly loved one about assisted living care, they are quick to provide generalized examples of things that they have heard about or have seen in the news media about the quality of assisted living care in the Kansas City area. If you’ve not researched these news articles, you’ll find yourself on the losing end of a short conversation. Take the time to do your homework on the senior living communities in the Kansas City area. If there are negative reports about a particular facility, follow these steps to educate yourself about the situation:

  • Determine how long ago that event took place.
  • Is the same management company still in charge of the facility?
  • Have there been notable accomplishments or changes that came as a result of the situation?
  • Does the report have a factual basis or was it a nonspecific editorial that simply stereotyped senior communities without any specifics or statistics?

Often, news reports can sensationalize the events making generalized statements that form negative opinions about an industry without any direct correlation to individual facilities. Remember, most senior living communities are not controlled or funded by government, but rather by independently owned companies. A good business will always take each instance and learn from the mistakes that were made and make positive changes to keep it from happening again.

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2. Get to Know the Staff

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If you’re considering a specific senior living community because of its geographical location in the Kansas City area, take time to get to know the staff. When working with a loved one who is resisting the idea of going to a senior living community, presenting them with some accomplishments from the staff may help them feel more at ease about the decision. Working for an assisted living community at the professional level is a noteworthy and valid achievement. Many of the staff members working in the senior living industry have achieved certifications as well as accolades from their peers in the industry.

By identifying and recognizing these accomplishments and presenting this information to your elderly loved one, it may help to convince them that the negative stigma that’s been developed over the years does not apply like it used to. Note that this type of individual research can take time, time you may not have; but is needed information in order to make sure that your elderly loved one gets the best care possible. Cherished Transitions is a senior living placement service that is locally owned and operated in the Kansas City area. The staff is made up of all Registered Nurses (RNs) that have done the research to determine the level of care for each senior living community in the Kansas City area.

3. Activities and Events

Probably the largest stigma that assisted living communities in the Kansas City area face is the perception of residents lying in a bed all day doing nothing. With today’s senior living communities, nothing can be farther from the truth. Most senior living communities in the Kansas City area have full-time activity coordinators that are specifically trained to create activities and events to keep seniors socially engaged and active.

These professionals not only understand medical limitations, but create activities that work in a variety of different environments as to make sure that everyone can get involved on some level. By educating your senior loved one, on the wide variety of activities and events that the senior living communities have available, you may be able to peak their interest and lessen their negative perception and resistance to the notion of assisted living.

Trust Cherished Transitions to help you on your journey

The challenges of dealing with the negative stigma of senior living in the Kansas City area are more difficult than finding a quality senior living community that works with the individual needs of your elderly loved one. The Registered Nurses (RNs) at Cherished Transitions can help, at no charge to you, guide the process of finding the retirement home or senior living community that is the best fit for your elderly loved ones.

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